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Olivier Devys

Founder and President

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, nobody could have foreseen that this engineer would end up working in hospitality. Joining Accor after the group acquired his company, Olivier Devys spent sixteen years building his experience in the hotel industry. A co-designer of the Suitehotel concept alongside Paul Dubrule and CEO, he demonstrated that an innovative and modern concept can also be a true commercial success. Emboldened by this business success, he freed himself from the restrictions of the bigger group to work on his own concept, all the while strictly adhering to the values instilled in his staff at Suitehotel: a true culture of hospitality, the constant search for innovation, and participatory management.

With OKKO HOTELS, Olivier Devys wants to prove that there is space for another hotel chain which is at once modern, innovative and attentive to its customers.

Olivier Berthaud

Head of finance

The holder of a financial engineering degree from the EMLYON business school, Olivier started his career in auditing before joining Easton Corporate Finance, where he helped manage the OKKO HOTELS account and first met Olivier Devys. Fascinated by the hotel sector and entrepreneurship, he was 100% behind the project from day one, doing all he could to attract and convince the first investors. Keen to play a more central role in the rapid growth of the company, he ended up joining the OKKO HOTELS team as Financial Director.

His mission at OKKO HOTELS? To oversee the financing of the company’s development and manage the relations with key investors.

Solenne Devys

General Manager

Having attended business school and gained experience in the luxury goods and services market, the naturally hyperactive and curious Solenne found her home in the marketing and communications sector. Having become a Master of Entrepreneurship, the idea of joining forces with her father’s team for the OKKO HOTELS adventure presented the perfect opportunity to combine her skills and her passion for the hotel and restaurant field. The young girl who used to analyse Suitehotel rooms by noting down comments in an exercise book could never have known that she was actually taking the first steps towards her future vocation.

Her mission at Okko Hotels? To define the company's strategic orientations in terms of both operations and products.

Director of Operational and Commercial Performance

After multiple experiences in the tourism world, Ingrid joined the OKKO HOTELS adventure in 2018. As head of operations, Ingrid is in charge of operations, revenue management, sales and human resources. 

Her mission at OKKO HOTELS? To steer and sustain the performance of the OKKO HOTELS group

Laurencie Dilien

Revenue Management and Distribution Manager

Determined from a young age to work in the hotel industry, Laurencie took her studies at the renowned Savignac hotel management school. Having graduated with flying colours with a masters in Hospitality Management, she chose to extend her stay there, specialising in Marketing of Services and Revenue Management. Genuinely passionate about the hospitality industry, Laurencie had the privilege of gaining work experience at a host of European hotels throughout her studies. With her qualifications in the bag, she began her career as the Head of Revenue Management and e-Distribution at the Thalazur group. In 2017, Laurencie jumped at the chance of joining the OKKO adventure and now works on a daily basis to steer the price strategies at each of our hotels.

Her mission at OKKO HOTELS? To optimise the group’s turnover and to analyse past results and future trends in order to define the best possible strategy for the Group.

Victoria du Cheylard

Marketing and Communications Manager

After a master's degree in international management, Victoria joined the OKKO HOTELS adventure when the first establishment opened in Nantes. Initially in charge of the brand's digital development via social networks and the website, Victoria then extended her missions to marketing and communication.

Her mission at Okko Hotels ? Implement the company's marketing and internal/external communication policy to make the OKKO HOTELS brand known to as many people as possible.

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