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We are proud of our vocation and want to prove that it is possible to create hotels which are at once modern, sustainable, personal and fairly priced. For all of these reasons we created OKKO HOTELS, the first chain of hotels in France to promise you 4 stars, no clouds.

We are fed up of finding the same club sandwich, the same clunky telephone, the same "made in China" slippers in hotels all over France. We like to be taken by surprise and to find something new, fresh and unexpected wherever we go.

We have noticed that a growing number of you prefer to use environmentally-friendly forms of transport and have therefore positioned ourselves in the heart of towns and cities, so that you can join us without increasing your carbon footprint.

We strive to prove that it is possible to blend aesthetic with functional, beautiful with accessible, to develop a chain of hotels while caring for every last detail.

We believe that hoteliers should work alongside their clients and not behind a computer screen. In this way, we reflect the aspirations of all the young people who enter hotel and catering schools.

We pride ourselves on asking "why?" whenever something is described as being done "as usual", and we start doing things differently whenever the response fails to convince us.

We understand that, in this day and age, reliable Wifi is more important than having a marble bathroom suite.

We believe that it is possible to be very serious professionally but, at the same time, not to take ourselves too seriously when interacting with our customers. After all, a bit of humour never caused anyone harm.

For us, a welcome means a polite enquiry as to how your journey went and as to whether you’d like something to drink, rather than a request for your credit card.

We believe that a business can be profitable while, at the same time, socially responsible.

We don’t think that you need to have a screw loose in order to be an entrepreneur in today’s France, just a bit of courage.


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