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Four stars, no cloud. This pledge also applies to our respect for your privacy. Which is why, here at OKKO HOTELS, we are committed to offering you a unique experience at each of our hotels while ensuring transparency, security and confidentiality as regards the use of your personal data.

This policy, which is openly available on our website at (hereinafter "the Website"), is updated regularly to reflect legislative and regulatory developments and any changes to our services. We recommend that you consult it regularly.

This Cookie Policy is supplemented by:

Our Cookie Settings panel, available on the home page;

Our Personal Data Protection Policy, available here;

The OKKO HOTELS General Terms and Conditions of Sale, available here.

OKKO HOTELS undertakes to collect only the minimum amount of data necessary to provide our services. No data will be collected without your knowledge.


A cookie is a small computer file, a tracker, deposited on your device and read for example when visiting a website, reading an email, or installing or using software or a mobile application, regardless of the type of device used (computer, smartphone, digital reader, video game console connected to the Internet, etc.).


When you visit the Website, certain information relating to the browsing carried out using your device may be recorded in Cookies and used for the purposes described below, during the applicable period of validity (subject to the Cookie preferences that you have set).

Cookies from partner companies (third-party cookies) may be deposited on your computer via the pages of the Website. These Cookies help us to ensure that the content and services made available to you by OKKO HOTELS function correctly.

To find out more about this technology, please consult the explanations provided here by the CNIL.

Below is a list of Cookies used on the OKKO HOTELS Website.



These Cookies are used by OKKO HOTELS and are required in order for the Website to function. They allow you to use the Website’s main functions (for example, to make purchases, to access personal accounts and reserved spaces, etc.). Refusing these Cookies will affect the availability of the services in question.

Furthermore, OKKO HOTELS informs you that if your browser settings are configured to refuse all Cookies, you will not be able to make purchases or use other essential functions on the Website, including saving your basket while browsing different pages and receiving personalised recommendations.





Session identifier

End of session


Session identifier

End of session


Session identifier

End of session


Session identifier

3 months


Records which group of servers the visitor serves. Used in the context of load balancing to optimise the user experience.

6 days



Most commonly associated with the Drupal content management system (the software for the content management of the Website). Drupal uses this cookie to indicate whether or not the visitor’s browser has JavaScript enabled.

End of session


Allows a visitor to receive site content from one of the servers as the visitor browses the site. This allows the visitor’s session to be maintained.

End of session


Records the user’s cookie preferences

4 months


Cookie used for load balancing. Ensures requests by a client are sent to the same origin server.

End of session


Used by our host to perform server load balancing.

End of session


Helps us with reliability, security and the performance of our website.

1 year


Used to filter out malicious requests.

End of session


Used to check if the user's browser accepts Cookies.

1 day



These Cookies allow OKKO HOTELS:

- To establish statistics and volumes of frequency and use of the various components of the Website (menus and content visited, paths, etc.), allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services;

- To count the total number of displays of advertising content in our advertising spaces, to identify the advertisements displayed, the number of clicks and, if applicable, the subsequent actions carried out by these users on the pages to which the advertisements lead, in order to calculate the amounts payable to the various advertising stakeholders and to establish statistics;

These Cookies are not essential but help us to offer an improved service that is customised to your preferences.





Used to monitor users and for the targeting of advertisements.

End of session


Used by Google Tag Manager to control the loading of a Google Analytics script tag.

1 day


Register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.

2 years


1 minute


1 day


Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.

3 months


Used to distinguish users and sessions, and to generate traffic statistics for the Website.

24 months


Used to track the user's visiting session. This cookie expires as soon as the Internet user remains inactive on our site for more than 30 minutes. The use of this cookie coupled with the “utmc” cookie makes it possible to follow the visits (sessions) on a given site.

30 minutes


Used to determine whether the user is in a new session/visit.

End of session


Used to restrict the demand rate, which limits the amount of data recorded on high traffic volume websites.

10 minutes


Used to segment visitors according to predefined and customised settings and generate website traffic statistics.

24 months


Used to store all the information needed to identify a traffic source. The following information is stored in this cookie: the traffic source, the medium of this traffic source, the keyword typed if the user consults the site from a search engine, etc.

6 months


Used for targeted advertising/redirecting to advertisements.

13 months


Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behaviour. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels.

End of session


Used to measure the audience on a page of the website.

1 minute


Saves a Zopim Live Chat ID that recognises a device between visits during a chat session.

End of session





















































Advertising Cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The intention is to display advertisements that are relevant and more likely to interest the individual user than a non-personalised advertisement.





Used to identify a device across visits, and also across a single chat session.

End of session


Preserves user’s states across page requests.

1 year


Stores information about the status of messages sent via Zendesk Chat.

13 months


Used by Facebook to provide a variety of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.

3 months


Used by Google AdSense to experiment with advertising efficiency across websites that use their services.

3 months


Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behaviour. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels.

End of session


Used by Facebook to provide a variety of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.

3 months


Used by Google DoubleClick to register and report the website user's actions after viewing or clicking one of the advertiser's advertisements with the purpose of measuring the efficacy of an advertisement and to present targeted advertisements to the user.

13 months


Targeting cookie hosted by Bing (Microsoft). Used to recognise you when you re-visit the website and allow us to customise the website or to present you with specific product offers corresponding to your interests.

1 year


Used by Facebook to provide a variety of advertising products such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.

End of session














































The Website may use Cookies originating from third parties (communications agencies, audience measuring firms, targeted advertising providers, etc.) that allow them, before the expiry of these Cookies, to:

Record browsing information related to the devices consulting our sites;

Determine the advertising content that best corresponds to the interests of the user, as deduced from the browsing history of the device in question.

For your information, the issuance of these cookies and the collection of data do not allow our partners to identify you personally. Under no circumstances will your surname, first name, user name, postal address, email address or password be communicated to third parties without your prior and explicit consent.



The Cookie Settings panel

You have the choice of whether to accept or not to accept Cookies, except for those Cookies that we will always deposit on your device because we need them for the performance of our services. For Cookies requiring your prior consent, you can change your preferences at any time by using our settings panel, which will be displayed when you connect to our website for the first time.



You can configure your browser software so that cookies are stored on your device or are rejected, either systematically or according to their origin. You can also configure your browser software so that the option to accept or reject Cookies is offered to you from time to time, before a Cookie is likely to be saved on your device. For more information, please consult your browser’s instructions, generally available under the “Help” or “Settings” menus.

For more information regarding the settings of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can consult the CNIL tutorial or choose, at any time, to set and modify your Cookie preferences by following the steps set out below.

The settings that you choose may affect your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of Cookies (for more information, please see the "Refusal of Cookies" section below).

To set your preferences in:

- Internet Explorer
- Safari
- Chrome
- FireFox

Google also offers a Google Chrome browser extension to opt out of Google Analytics, which you can find here.

For more information on Cookies, including identifying which Cookies have been installed on your device and how to manage or remove them, please visit (or for the French version).

Otherwise, instructions for the most popular browsers are detailed below:

For Internet Explorer™:

If you wish to disable Cookies in Internet Explorer, go to Menu > Internet Options, then click on the “Privacy” tab and “Advanced” to bring up the Advanced Privacy Settings window.

Tick the "Ignore automatic cookie management" box and select "Block" under "Third party cookies".

For Safari™:

If you wish to disable Cookies in Safari, go to Preferences > Privacy and choose to block Cookies. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, go to Settings > Safari > Cookies.

For Chrome™:

If you wish to disable Cookies in Chrome, go to Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings (at the bottom of the page).

Click “Content settings”, then tick the “Block third-party cookies and site data" box. Click OK to confirm the changes.

For Firefox™:

If you wish to disable Cookies in Firefox, go to Menu > Options > Privacy.

Set the "History settings" menu to "Use custom settings for history".

Untick the box marked “Accept third-party cookies”.

Cookie options offered by your mobile device

For mobile users, there are certain controls in the operating system of your device that enable you to choose whether or not to allow cookies or to share your advertising ID with OKKO HOTELS or our advertising service providers. For more information on setting preferences on your mobile device, you can visit

To help you to control or block certain advertisements on applications on your mobile device, you can download and use the Digital Advertising Alliance’s mobile application:



Please be aware that Cookies play an important role in helping us to provide our services. Therefore, if you choose to refuse or delete cookies, this may affect the availability and functionality of our website and services.

If you refuse permission for Cookies to be stored on your device, or if you delete those that are already stored there, you will no longer be able to use certain features that are required to access some of the spaces on our website. As an example, this would affect content or services that can only be accessed by logging in. It will also occur if OKKO HOTELS and our service providers are unable to identify, for reasons of technical compatibility, the type of browser your device is using, your language and display settings, or the country from which your device appears to be connected to the internet.

Where applicable, OKKO HOTELS assumes no liability for the consequences related to the impaired operation of our services resulting from our inability to store or view Cookies required for their operation that you have refused or deleted.




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