Modernity, generosity,
conviviality and serenity



OKKO HOTELS is the realisation of our vision of the hotelier’s profession, a vision that we share with our staff, our partners and, shortly, with our clients. A vision that is founded on strong values which, rather than words, provide the core strength of our brand:


Meeting consumer demands, today and tomorrow; innovating continuously; remaining curious and attentive to the progress of our sector; questioning our own practice every day; seeing opportunities in technology, rather than threats… These are just some of the pledges which guide our teams. More specifically, this approach is embodied by our hotels, modern spaces which make use of easily accessible and high performing technology, and offer carefully selected products. You will not be the first to say: "I know, I saw that at OKKO".


For the team involved in the OKKO HOTELS project, rediscovering this basic value was an absolute must. Through our brand, we want to prove that a chain of hotels can present the same advantages as independent hotels. Far beyond balance sheets and profit margins, our aim is to see satisfied customers leaving our hotels. The generosity of offering so many services to our customers is one way of proving to them that there can be a responsible French hotel chain which is able to fulfil the ambitions it sets itself.


The more we travel around the world, the happier we are to find welcoming, unconventional, boutique hotels which are a joy to stay at, to spend time in, and whose staff are a pleasure to get to know. As such, OKKO HOTELS was conceived out of a desire to create living spaces where people would feel good, spaces for encounters and discoveries rather than just for work. And because this Club would be nothing without our staff, we have developed a specific training programme so that our welcome for you is like no other.


If travelling can be a veritable voyage of discovery and new faces, it can nevertheless also be associated with stress, fatigue, delays and frustration. This is why OKKO HOTELS are designed to be an oasis of calm in the midst of your travels. Our team will look after you 24/7, our services are always available and, the cherry on the cake, they are often included in the price.

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