Our commitment

OKKO HOTELS becomes a company with a mission


The group "raison d'être"


"Designing places that combine top-of-the-range hospitality with ecological sobriety".

Convinced that it is up to us to reconcile the hotel industry with its ecological and social environment, we have made it our mission to design places that combine top-of-the-range hospitality with ecological sobriety. Our aim is to create a hotel experience that has a neutral or even positive impact, supported by a corporate strategy that is as attentive to its customers as it is to its employees. Finally, on this path to progress, we are committed to positive education and a cooperative approach to involve all our stakeholders.

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Our 4 statutory commitments

Taking care of our guests

TAKING CARE of our guests and our teams by creating living spaces that are generous, attentive to everyone's well-being and ecologically sober.

Respecting local communities

RESPECT THE REGIONS in which we operate and the authenticity of the experiences and products they offer, while contributing to local economic vitality.

More virtuous solutions

Constantly working with our partners and suppliers to find the most virtuous solutions possible.

More neutral environmental impact 

Encourage everyone to adopt a lifestyle that has as neutral an environmental impact as possible, and progressively a positive one.



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