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ON THE OKKO HOTELS AGENDA: the Chartreuse Cellars

Published on April 11 2016
  • The City

Made from a recipe that has remained a secret for over 400 years, Chartreuse is one of the most unique specialities of the Grenoble region. Full of curiosity, the OKKO team headed off to find out more about a drink that for a long time went under the radar, but which is increasingly becoming a fixture in France’s most popular cocktail bars.

Les Caves de la Chartreuse

A bit of history…

In 1605, the Marshall d’Estréees handed over a manuscript revealing the formula for a mysterious “Elixir of Life” to the Chartreuse monks in Paris. The mystery to this complex recipe, however, remained unresolved for many years. Then in 1737, following experiments by the apothecary at the Grande Chartreuse, this monastery near to Grenoble started to produce the elixir and to sell it to the public. 

Les caves de la Chatreuse

A 400 year-old secret recipe

Nowadays, in the distillery at Voiron, two monks work to manufacture the drink under conditions of absolute secrecy. They are, at present, the only people who know the production process for this natural liqueur, composed of around 130 plants and free from any added chemicals.

Les caves de la Chartreuse


Les caves de la Chatreuse

The vast Chartreuse Cellars at Voiron are among the largest in the world. A visit to the cellars is entirely free and divided into two halves: 

  • A guided tour of the cellars and the distillery, featuring a 3D film retracing the history of the Chartreuse monks over the centuries and a tasting session in the surrounds of a majestic room with large stained glass windows.

Les Caves de la Chatreuse

  • An exhibition on the drink itself, located on the first floor, including a film recounting the story behind the famous manuscript.

Les caves de la Chartreuse


les caves de la chartreuse

Practical information

Thirsty to find out more about this mysterious nectar? Then you need to head to Voiron, only 20 minutes by train from Grenoble.

Les Caves de la Chatreuse


From Saturday 26 March to Tuesday 1 November 2016:
- open seven days a week, 09:30-11:00 and 14:00-18:00

The rest of the year:
- open weekdays, 09:30-11:00 (last visit) and 14:00-17:30 (last visit). Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Caves de la Chartreuse
10, bd Edgar Kofler
38503 - Voiron

Please find more information on The Chatreuse Cellars website.

*Alcohol abuse can damage your health

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