A new growth record for the group, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.

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In 2023, the group achieved remarkable performance with a revenue of €58 million, representing a 32% growth compared to 2022

OKKO HOTELS Paris Rosa Parks Club

Ten years after the opening of its first establishment in Nantes, the group now boasts 14 hotels and 2 Noccio restaurants, totaling 1,735 rooms and employing nearly 300 staff members.

In addition to these major projects, the brand continues its development while ensuring to maintain the level of quality that characterizes it. OKKO HOTELS welcomed over 210,000 travelers this year, and the teams are proud to highlight a satisfaction rate of 85% (GRI) and 91% for service quality.


A new record-breaking year for the group in 2023

In 2023, the group also achieved impressive performance with a revenue of €58 million, representing a 32% growth compared to 2022 (€44 million).


"With a nearly constant scope (the Rosa Parks hotel only opening in the middle of the year), the growth performance in business volume is remarkable. This particularly strong increase was driven by both occupancy rates and average prices. And this, without sacrificing the perceived quality by our clients, the main concern of our brand," emphasizes Solenne Ojea-Devys."


OKKO HOTELS Paris Rosa Parks

L'Ilôt Fertile, an ambitious zero-carbon project.

In 2023, the group opened its 5th Parisian hotel, located in Rosa Parks in the 19th arrondissement, at the heart of the capital's first zero-carbon operational district.

The 129-room hotel features 3 large meeting rooms and an 80-seat Noccio restaurant with a terrace.

This new Parisian opening was also an opportunity for OKKO HOTELS to further meet the needs of modern travelers with larger rooms designed for families.


"Driven by recurring demands, we have integrated family rooms and devised a comprehensive service offering, such as lending equipment and games, as well as providing tailored dining options," explains Solenne Ojea-Devys.

OKKO HOTELS Paris Rosa Parks

"Designing spaces that marry high-end hospitality with ecological sobriety"

On March 30, 2023, OKKO HOTELS officially enshrined its mission-driven status in its legal statutes, legally committing itself to advancing environmental and societal issues.


"Convinced that it is our responsibility to reconcile the hospitality industry with its ecological and social environment, we have made it our mission to design spaces that harmonize high-end hospitality with ecological sobriety. Therefore, we strive to imagine a hotel experience with a neutral, or even positive, impact, driven by a business strategy that is as attentive to its customers as it is to its employees. Finally, on this path of progress, we opt for a positive pedagogy and a cooperative approach to involve all our stakeholders."


"Becoming a mission-driven company has emerged as the best way to translate into a concrete ambition a conviction that has been deeply ingrained in us since the inception of the project. We are proud to be pioneers in this regard within the industry. We believe that collective intelligence will enable us to overcome the human and ecological challenges our industry faces, and we actively want to contribute to this endeavor," declares Solenne Ojea-Devys.

An ambition announced of 40 hotels in France and abroad.

OKKO HOTELS' ambition is to triple its presence and develop a portfolio of 40 hotels in France and Europe.

To achieve this goal, OKKO HOTELS announced in 2023 its decision to venture into franchising. The brand now boasts numerous assets and operational expertise, documented, equipped, and constantly enriched, enabling it to welcome new investors into its network.

Additionally, the brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the MIPIM event in its Cannes hotel.

"We will be seeking entrepreneurs who are sensitive not only to economic performance but also to this new generation of hospitality, which now prioritizes management methods and a more human-centered vision for both customers and employees," specifies Solenne Ojea-Devys, General Manager.

A new opening expected in 2025.

A fifteenth hotel will be born in Troyes in 2025. A great project led in partnership with EXTENDAM and la Banque des Territoires. Located facing the SNCF train station of the famous medieval city, the new establishment will have 106 rooms, will benefit from a BREEAM certification, and will be delivered in 2025 by Vinci Immobilier.



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