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The company

At first, Okko Hotels is the dream of a man, Olivier Devys, who wanted to proved there was room in the French hospitality business for modern 4* hotels, offering authentic welcome to their guests.
Okko Hotels is a 11 people team, building together with Olivier Devys a stronger, more innovative, more agile and more ambitious brand. 
Okko Hotels is a 80 coworkers company, which members welcome you in one of our 7 hotels and do their best everyday to offer you a 4 star no cloud journey.
Okko Hotels is the only brand in Europe offering all-inclusive rates to 4* business and leisure traverlers.
Okko Hotels may be your next destination, whether you are a customer, a propspect, a supplier or an opinion leader. Don't wait any longer, join the Okko Hotels adventure !