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By creating OKKO HOTELS, Olivier Devys made a conscious decision to tear up the traditional rulebook for 4* hotels. This is why you will find no lobbies, no conference rooms, no lounges, no breakfast rooms, no bars and no banquet halls. In their place, you will find the Club.
The Club, dedicated to our guests, features a business corner, bookshelves, a boutique, a health and wellbeing area and a selection of food and drink depending on the hour of the day. All of the above is beautifully arranged by Patrick Norguet, the architect of a space where cosy lounges emerge like islands, the perfect cocoons in which to relax, to eat and drink, or even to work. In the Club, you will enjoy peace and quiet while still being able to call upon our team at any moment.
In the Club, the following products are available around the clock:
  • Teas by Palais des Thés
  • A professional coffee facility enabling you to prepare your own espresso, latté or cappuccino at your own convenience
  • Water and sodas
  • A selection of fresh drinks including lemonades and milkshakes from Michel et Augustin, coconut water and fruit juices
And depending on the time of day:
  • Breakfast in the morning
  • An evening apéritivo
  • At all other times, biscuits from Michel et Augustin, popcorn from Notch, dried fruit cocktails from Brainfood, granola bars from Made Good
In the club, you will have 24/7 access to all the comforts you need to make yourself feel right at home.
Above all, we want to preserve the generosity of our all-inclusive offer. For this reason, drinks (except tea or herbal tea), snacking or other can no longer be consumed for free outside the Club.
However, you will be able to take a drink or a snack away for €2. The consumption of these products within the Club is of course still included in the price.