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At Okko Hotels, we were very inspired by the trend of boutique-hotel, these places where you can buy everything, even the decoration! Because we think that a journey, whether it is personal or professional, has to remain an inspiring moment, we brought a very particular attention on the choice of products and equipments that you will discover. Furniture, accessories, cosmetics, but also all the products that you will taste were carefully choosen and tested by our team. 
So that you can, in case of crush, order the product which seduced you, we created:
  • The online shop: you will find a selection of furniture, equipments there and objects of decoration were presented in our hotels. The bed was exclusively conceived with Coco-Mat, our incredible pillows, our linen set of bed linen or still the chair Kobi designed by Patrick Norguet, you will find all the iconic products there which will bring a touch of elegance and design to your inside.
  • The shop of the hotel: each of our establishments proposes you a selection of local gastronomic products and small nice, design presents and always made in France!