Practical guide for travelers
during the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear guests,

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to our hotel as smoothly and serenely as possible.

As such, for everyone’s peace of mind, we have chosen to follow the regulatory guidelines on health and safety that are necessary in order to obtain certification from Bureau Veritas. But since they’re as long and dense as they are absolutely necessary, we've decided to put together this guide to explain exactly what difference it will make during your stay.

These are exceptional measures for exceptional times, and we’re counting on your cooperation to ensure that they are adhered to. We also ask that you remain attentive at all times and take preventative measures to guarantee both your safety and the safety of others.

Our number one priority here at OKKO HOTELS is still to offer you “four stars, no cloud”. Our team remain on-hand with a smile to attend to your every need. We wish an excellent stay at our hotel.


As of March 14, 2022: 

  • Masks are no longer required to be worn indoors. 
  • The vaccination pass is no longer required in our establishments. 





Discover our à la carte offer served in the Club by flashing the QR code.

For more information, please contact reception.



To avoid creating a queue and to respect the one-metre distancing rules, we can only accommodate a limited number of people at reception.

As a result, we may have to ask you to wait a few moments.



Breakfast at the rate of €18 is only served in the Club.

A take-away breakfast is also available and is given to you at the reception desk when you leave.



An iMac is available for you to use in the Club. After use, you are expected to clean the mouse and keyboard.

If you need to print a document, you can send it by email to the hotel reception. However, no final-year dissertations please



Our cleaning procedures comply with the regulatory guidelines on health and safety that have been approved for the certification currently being introduced by Bureau Veritas.

If you do not wish daily cleaning to be carried out in your room, please let the reception know.



The Club is open and we are currently serving breakfast (€18), snacks, our drinks menu and the evening aperitivo. 



All good things come to an end! When you leave, we kindly ask that you leave your key in the box at reception.

But if you decide not to drop in on reception on the way out, then don’t worry: we won't hold it against you!

Quite the contrary, as we prefer check-out to be as simple as possible, but we’re always delighted to read your comments and messages following your stay.



Only one person is permitted to enter each elevator at a time. However, two people are allowed to use the elevator together if they are occupying the same guest room. Hydroalcoholic gel is available both in the elevator and on each floor of the hotel.



What if you’ve forgotten something important, like your toothbrush or telephone charger?

There’s no need to panic, we’ve got a range of packaged hygiene products available on request at reception, which we disinfect before handing over.

In the hotel boutique, we also sell accessories such as spare batteries and universal plug adaptors.



We have had to make certain adjustments to our rooms, including removing the printed guest information documents (which we would have otherwise had to throw away at the end of each stay). Here's all you need to know:

- SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX: Easy to use. Close the door, enter a 4-digit code, press LOCK and you’re good to go.

- BED SHEETS: These are made of cotton and linen and their crumpled appearance reflects the natural beauty of the fabric.

- BOUTIQUE: Offering a range of items for sale – some practical, others for pleasure. Discover our selection at reception.

- BATHROOM: We invite you to re-use your towels by hanging them on the hooks provided. Towels left on the floor will be replaced. In order to reduce our environmental impact, only a limited number of cosmetics are distributed in each room. However, we have everything you need at reception, available upon request.



Our sauna is accessible only by reservation with our team. Access to our fitness area is limited to a certain number of people.

Before and after each use, we count on you to clean your machine.



You will only receive the invoice for your stay by email, even if you do not pass by reception on the way out.

Please be sure to inform us of your email address by sending a message to the email address used by reception at the hotel.



The ironing room, equipped with steam generator iron and steamer, remains at your disposal.

We ask that you disinfect the equipment before and after use. If you have more pressing needs, a dry-cleaning service is available at reception.



Our luggage service is currently available. We disinfect your luggage when you give it to us and when we return it to you.



Our room is available from 2pm. It is reserved until midday during the week and 2pm at weekends.

If you wish to enjoy it for longer, you can request to have earlier access or to keep it until 6pm for an extra €30, subject to availability.

If you made your booking on our website, you can take advantage of one of these options free-of-charge.



At reception, our preferred payment method is via contactless. This is simpler than paying with cash, which then has to remain in quarantine in our cash drawer. If you made your reservation online, you can pay remotely and with complete peace of mind.

At the Club, we encourage you to pay for your extras as you go, in order to guarantee a smooth departure and to avoid having to pass by reception. However, we will always send you an overall invoice for your stay.



The health of our teams and guests remains our number one priority.

In order to protect yourself and others, please be sure to respect the following well-known preventative measures:

- Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.

- Wash your hands very often with soap and water or, if not, hydroalcoholic gel.

- Use single-use tissues, then put them in the bin immediately.

- Greet each other without shaking hands and avoid hugging and kissing.

- Stay at least a metre away from one another.






Four stars
and no clouds
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