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Classic room

The room conception is the basis of the hotel business. But sometimes, make things simple is very complicated! The Okko Hotels team chose to tear up the rulebook for 4* hotels to conceive a functional and design space, a real urban cocoon of 17 m ², which meets the needs of today's travelers. But what do you need exactly ?
Our very first job is to sell you some sleep, so we did our best! At Okko Hotels, we worked with the Greek company Coco-Mat, specialized in quality bedding in natural fibers, to create a comfortable and eco-conscious bed. We added it 4 pillows and a braid in feathers, treated in a ecological way against allergies. So you can try " Sleep one nature " experience, promised by Coco-Mat and Okko Hotels.
We chose to stay 100% natural and opted for bed-linen in cotton bed and linen, weaved on the lakesides of Como by the company Gastaldi. Our team really liked the very contemporary aspect and the comforting side of the fabric and the linen which reminds family houses.
Finally, we grant a big importance for the accoustique comfort of the rooms of our hotels. During the construction, we make every effort so that the noise of the city and the other travelers do not come to bother your sleep.
It can seem basic, but when you're home, you don't even think about it. Connect you to the WiFi, make a call without thinking of the price that it costs you, reload your mobile at the same time as your computer and your tablet, watch a movie on demand, listen to your music thanks to a dock-iPhone... At Okko Hotels, we decided to offer you all these services, so that you feel like at home. So the WiFi, the VOD, the calls on fixed and mobile in metropolitan France, as well as a credit of 10€ of calls to number abroad, are included in the price of your room.
In the era of mobile, you may not need the brand new phone we put in the room, except for calling the reception.
Even there, we chose ecology by favoring the shower to the bathtub. But not any kind of shower, a vast Italian-style shower decorated with a ceramic any height, to relax while taking care of you. The bathroom is also equipped with Nuxe hair and body gel and a soap (Prescription Lab products in OKKO HOTELS Paris Gare de l'Est), as well as with certified Max Haavelar cotton towels. If you forgot your conditioner, body milk, toothbrush, etc. ... just ask for it at the reception, you will find all you need.
And so that pampering yourself stays a moment of relaxation and not stress, we chose a real hairdryer, which allows to dry your hair in no time. But also a mirror anti-vapor, because we tend to make up after and not before a very hot shower, as well as a mirror in feet, for a last check before a long day.
For those who refuse to set foot outside without a first coffee in the morning, we equipped every room with a Nespresso machine. To limit the energy consumptions and avoid the discussions during the check-out, you will not find a mini-bar, but a bottle of Evian water. 
To have a drink, to taste the local products, to consult the press, to print your plane ticket, to find a present to bring back at home, to read a BD seated in a sofa, join us to the Club.
In some of our establishments, you will find premium rooms, besides the classic rooms. These rooms may be a bigger surface, a magnificent view or any other surprising detail.

The rooms are available on arrival from 2 p.m. They can be occupied until midday from Monday to Friday, and until 2 p.m. at weekends.

If you want to take possession of your room earlier or enjoy your room beyond these hours, our team offers (subject to availability):

  • An early check-in service from 7 am
    Rate: €30
  • A late check-out service until 6 pm
    Rate: €30