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Olivier Devys

Founder and President
A graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, nobody could have foreseen that this engineer would end up working in hospitality. Joining Accor after the group acquired his company, Olivier Devys spent sixteen years building his experience in the hotel industry. A co-designer of the Suitehotel concept alongside Paul Dubrule and CEO, he demonstrated that an innovative and modern concept can also be a true commercial success. Emboldened by this business success, he freed himself from the restrictions of the bigger group to work on his own concept, all the while strictly adhering to the values instilled in his staff at Suitehotel: a true culture of hospitality, the constant search for innovation, and participatory management.
With OKKO HOTELS, Olivier Devys wants to prove that there is space for another hotel chain which is at once modern, innovative and attentive to its customers.