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OKKO HOTELS favourites: Les Apothicaires

Published on April 22 2016
  • Culinary favourites

This week, we’re going to explore the hype surrounding one of Lyon’s newest restaurants: Les Apothicaires. In order to do so, it’s off to Rue de Sèze in the trendy sixth arrondissement where Tabata Mey, a former contestant on the TV series Top Chef, recently opened the establishment alongside husband Ludovic.

Les apothicaires

Tabata Mey, a young Brazilian with an insatiable passion for food, cut her culinary teeth at the Paul Bocuse Institute before taking part in Top Chef, the iconic televised cookery competition. She then took over at Marguerite Restaurant, and in doing so became the first female head chef at a Paul Bocuse restaurant!

Les apothicaires

A lot of love and care has clearly gone into Les Apothicaires, from the tasteful decor, vibrant atmosphere and warm welcome to the original, modern food and the reasonable prices. This restaurant has quite simply got it all, and will be enough to satisfy even the most demanding foodies among you!

Les apothicaires

The food served – from a stripped-back menu consisting of 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts, changing every Wednesday – is inspired, modern, precise and creative, focusing on fresh vegetable produce and original flavour fusions.

Typical dishes include green cabbage, reduced pot au feu stew with grey prawns and bone marrow or even fish & chips with a Guinness mayonnaise, finished off with an almond blancmange with grapes and verjuice.

Les apothicaires

Here are the thoughts of Julie, a member of our team at OKKO HOTELS Lyon Pont Lafayette: “A really creative and attractive restaurant with a very homely atmosphere, entirely deserving of all the success that’s coming its way. Be sure to reserve (well) in advance – Les Apothicaires has been packed out for every sitting ever since it first opened!”

Les apothicaires

Practical Information 

This exceptional restaurant offers a pleasantly affordable set menu for lunch, for either €20 or €24. This rises to €39 or €50 for the dinner menu.

Open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday (closed at weekends).

A short walk from OKKO’s Lyon Pont Lafayette hotel:

23 rue de Sèze
Lyon 6
04 26 02 25 09


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