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Gourmet stop-offs in Grenoble

Published on August 29 2016
  • Culinary favourites
Summer is nearly at an end, and now is the time to give in to temptation and visit Grenoble for a gourmet experience like no other! After all, what better way is there to take advantage of the last of the warm evenings than to relax with some great food out on a restaurant terrace?
Gaudi Café


For a while now, we’ve been dying to introduce you to the Gaudi Café, without a doubt one of our absolute favourite restaurants in Grenoble! Just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, the Gaudi serves up gourmet and creative food in a warm, cosy and chic setting. And, of course, it has a wonderful terrace to enjoy those barmy late-summer evenings.

Gaudi Café
Gaudi café - Interior design


Chef Laurent Ibanez describes his café as follows: “In the image of the celebrated Spanish architect and designer, the interior is bursting with imagination and generosity.”

In terms of the cuisine, there is something for everyone. The varied menu is made up of French classics, lovingly-prepared seasonal dishes, and recipes inspired by the chef’s Spanish origins.

Gaudi café
Beef carpaccio with olive oil, lemon and basil

gaudi café
The “authentic” chopped beef tartare


This is an intimate and friendly address with warm and professional staff. Highly recommended!

Gaudi Café is open on Mondays between 08:00 and 18:00, and from Tuesday to Saturday from 08:00 and 01:00.

5 cours Berriat 
38000 Grenoble
Tel. : +33 (0)4 80 38 39 11
An Anglo-Saxon stop-off at Maud’s grocery
Epicerie de Maud
L'epicerie de maud

On your way to the restaurant from the hotel, be sure to pop into Maud’s grocery, a true one of a kind… This is an unusual store where you will find the best in produce and products from England, Canada and the USA, including food, books and gadgets!
L'épicerie de Maud
l'épicerie de maud : livres de cuisine

L'épicerie de Maud
l'épicerie de Maud 

Find all your favourite products at the following address:
24 boulevard Gambetta
38000 Grenoble
04 85 02 40 48
L'épicerie de Maud
l'épicerie de maud


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