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Published on March 17 2014
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2014 is shaping up to be a great year for OKKO HOTELS, and we have plenty of surprises in store for you. 

The OKKO HOTELS team is delighted to announce that, after opening hotels in Nantes, Grenoble, Lyon and Rueil-Malmaison, OKKO HOTELS will set foot in Cannes! 

The VINCI group will take charge of the construction of a hotel that will open its doors in 2016. OKKO HOTELS has already worked once alongside VINCI Immobilier’s hotel department, for our Grenoble hotel, and the project in Cannes will therefore represent a second collaboration.

Why Cannes?

Cannes is an iconic French city, famous all over the world for its Croisette seafront, where any celebrity worthy of the name has to be photographed someday!

However, there is more to Cannes than just the glitter and sparkles. The city houses state-of-the-art industry, an airport, several harbours and a convention centre. 

Cannes is an internationally recognised, dynamic and cultural city that attracts visitors year after year.

Where will the OKKO hotel be located in Cannes?

Built into the heart of the train station, the OKKO hotel will be ideally located near many restaurants and shops and a five-minute walk from the Croisette.

What will the OKKO hotel in Cannes look like?

This hotel will boast the same great features as our other establishments: 4-star quality at a prime, city centre location near the shops and transport links; the generosity and goodwill an all-inclusive offer; and a personalised welcome.

The property will feature 125 rooms and a Club area offering numerous services: a business corner, a fitness and well-being space, and food and refreshments.

In Cannes, this unique Club will be located on the top floor of the building and will offer exceptional, panoramic city views. But that’s not all! Our clients will also be able to sit on the terrace, located on the same floor, where they may enjoy the balmy Mediterranean climate.  

Patrick Norguet, who designed all the chain’s other hotels, will of course once more take charge of the interior design. The architectural design was entrusted to the DGLa Architecture agency, who worked to incorporate the hotel into the train station. 

This is the beginning of a new adventure for OKKO HOTELS and, once again, we will strive to offer a friendly, warm and stylish environment worthy its four stars.

We are delighted to share this excellent news with you, and hope that many of you will come to see us on the Croisette, in Cannes!



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