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A new look for the teams at OKKO HOTELS!

Published on March 24 2017
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Here at OKKO HOTELS, we pride ourselves on being innovative. However, our latest change may well take you by surprise. For a while now, our Product team have been wrestling with the idea of overhauling our staff dress code. As simple as it may seem, this is often a subject that can serve to make the lives of hotel employees a misery. Here, we’re going to look in detail at our fresh and funky solution to an age-old problem.
okko hotels lyonnaise team


The pains of the modern hotel dress code

When founding OKKO, our first temptation was naturally to choose a uniform. Unfortunately, it would appear that suppliers in the hotel industry have barely moved on from the sort of standardised outfits that have long made hotel employees look like 1970s air hostesses (or, worse still, French maids…).

To cut a long story short, the idea of a “uniform” quickly ended up on the discard pile. Instead, we turned our attention to formulating a more sophisticated dress code. We came to the conclusion that the most important thing was for everyone to feel comfortable in their clothes, and to have the freedom to choose the cuts and materials that suited them best. We therefore asked our teams to dress in a smart-casual style, and provided them with guidelines in terms of particular outfits and colours. But after three years of activity, it had become all too clear that our dress code was proving hard to enforce. The appearances of the members of our hotel teams had become, to put it lightly, inconsistent. And it was proving to be a real headache for our Product team!


A professional to the rescue

The failure of our dress code had become a thorn in our side. We often spoke about finding a better solution, but nobody quite knew how to tackle the issue. One day that all changed, however, when we met image consultant Cécile Gibert. All of a sudden, it became apparent that what we had needed all along was a fresh pair of eyes. We soon invited Cécile to spend some time with our teams, in order to better understand the nature of their work and to get a grasp on why our existing dress code wasn’t working.

One particular section of Cécile’s subsequent debrief seemed to really hit the nail on the head: the aprons being worn were too generic, while the smart shoes being recommended were unsuitable for serving clients at the Club, setting up buffets, doing the dishes, and running left, right and centre around the hotel. But what really caught us off guard was the revelation that our own hotel teams did not think that the dress code fitted in with the modern image and convivial atmosphere promoted by our brand. We had thought that, by letting our teams choose their own clothes rather than imposing a uniform on them, we were making OKKO HOTELS a cool place to work. Big mistake!


A fresh look for a fresh 4* concept
Nouveau dress code
okko hotels lyon PONT LAFAYETTE team


After many hours of deliberation and discussion, we agreed on a new look comprising a black outfit with a bright apron. Gone would be the days of our team members worrying about whether their tops were the correct pastel shades – black, after all, is black! The Product team, meanwhile, wanted the aprons to be made from the same crushed linen that is used on our bedding. The colour, meanwhile would ideally be modern and in keeping with the interior decor in the Club.

All in all, our specifications were nothing if not ambitious: crushed linen aprons, with a cut that would suit everyone, in chartreuse yellow! It was a challenge accepted with gusto by Des Impressions et Des Hommes, a Lyon-based clothing manufacturer recommended to us by Cécile.


Nouveau dress code OKKO HOTELS
okko hotels de Rueil-malmaison team


Meanwhile, Cécile had reserved her most innovative suggestion for the thorny issue of footwear. Why not give everyone a pair of original trainers? It took a little time to get used to the idea, but we soon recognised that it could be a real hit. So we happily dialled up another of our favourite brands, Bobbies. An injection of the attractive, colourful universe of iconic designer Jean-Bobby was exactly what OKKO HOTELS needed.

After several months in development, “OKKO HOTELS by Bobbies” finally saw the light of day: an elegant black leather shoe with a yellow flourish on the heel, the OKKO HOTELS teams would be at the height of fashion forever more!

Sneakers OKKO HOTELS by Bobbies


The trainers will soon be available for sale at our online store.

And to celebrate our new look, a pair of “OKKO HOTELS by Bobbies” trainers are up for grabs on our Facebook page.

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Sneakers OKKO HOTELS by Bobbies


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