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In 2018, the independent French group created by Olivier Devys celebrated its fourth year of operation. Exponential growth, presentation of the new generation of the concept, announcement of the next openings, Okko Hotels is constantly reinventing itself to satisfy its customers.


In 2018, the independent French group created by Olivier Devys celebrated its fourth birthday.


Since opening its first hotel in Nantes in 2014, OKKO has opened seven more hotels throughout France. The company’s four-star concept, built around its urban, lifestyle hotels, has emphatically won over today’s travelers.


From exponential growth to the new generation of its concept, not to mention the announcement of future openings, OKKO HOTELS is constantly reinventing itself to exceed even the highest expectations of its customers.


Olivier Devys, founder and president of OKKO HOTELS, reflects on the reasons behind its success.


Olivier Devys


Did OKKO HOTELS achieve its goals in 2018? 


“2018 was an exceptional year for our group. Our 8 hotels, 2 of which opened in 2017, generated a turnover of 28 million euros. That represents growth of over 35%10 points higher than we had projected! While the climate may have been favourable for our industry, this excellent performance was also driven by the loyalty of our customers and the formidable quality of our services.


This strong level of growth was also down to the solid foundations that have always underpinned the group’s development: our turnover for 2018 was double that achieved in 2016, and 14 times greater than in 2014. Our staff can be proud of how far we’ve come.”


How is 2019 shaping up for OKKO HOTELS?  


“Even though 2018 was a record year for the hotel industry, it is by no means guaranteed that performance levels will continue on the same upward curve in 2019, especially given the current social climate.      


However, thanks to our diverse mixture of French and international guests travelling both on business and for leisure, in addition to our growing portfolio of hotels in the Parisian region and across France, we believe that we’re well placed to cope with any external challenges.


Lastly, our next opening, a 170-room hotel at the Gare de l’Est, should serve as a solid driver of growth for the company. Its opening will see us break the 1,000 room barrier. And we won’t stop there, with the openings of new hotels in Paris Montparnasse, Paris La Défense, Nice, Lille and Toulon already scheduled between now and 2022.”


Beyond the figures, what are your other priorities for 2019?

“Our number one priority remains the satisfaction of our customers. In 2018, our eight hotels were awarded 15 certificates of excellence in recognition of the quality of the experience enjoyed by their customers. 74% of guests surveyed would recommend OKKO HOTELS to their friends and family. This obsession with quality, which goes hand-in-hand with our mission to offer the very best value for money, was one of the key focuses when OKKO HOTELS was created and it must remain so for as long as the company exists.


Elsewhere, we’re also keen to give a fresh boost to our sustainable development strategy. In 2018, we were one of the first hotel groups to take part in the launch of the Ademe ecolabel. That decision allowed us to take a step back and come up with new ideas, which we will start to introduce in 2019. For now, and moving forward, our ambition is to be among our industry’s most responsible brands.”




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