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Here at OKKO HOTELS, we really like providers who reward loyalty and businesses that keep things interesting by offering their customers real benefits. We’re talking about the restaurant that throws in a complimentary aperitif, or the sales assistant who discreetly lets slip that the item you’ve got your eye on will be on sale next week. But it’s rare. Most of the time, they start by making you fill out a long form with all sorts of personal details, from the name of your mother to the age of your dog, all so they can send you publicity, a lot of which doesn’t concern you. Then they explain that if you collect 10,000 points you win a picture, and that with 10 pictures you can choose a special present from a pretty catalogue. And, finally, they will hand you the loyalty card. Another one to weigh down your wallet but which, needless to say, you will not be able to find when you actually need it.
With us, it’s easy to be loyal
With us you don’t receive a card, there will be no points, no number to call, no signing up, no procedure at all. When you make your first booking, your Club account is automatically set up. You will then be able to access an overview of your details (booking summary, payment details, …), book subsequent stays with two clicks, amend or cancel your stays, share your feedback with us and make the most of your benefits. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to use this account or not. But when something is this simple, it seems silly not to…
And it’s really worth it!
Thanks to your Club account, you will benefit from increasingly discounted rates depending on how many nights you have stayed at our hotels. This starts with your second stay. After all, if you come back, it means you enjoyed your stay. Which means that you are already a regular customer and an ambassador for our brand, and that you deserve something in return! The discounted rates are as follows:
At least 1 night: - 12%
At least 7 nights: - 14%
At least 15 nights: - 15%
At least 50 nights: - 16%
At least 100 nights: -17%
At least 150 nights: - 18%
At least 365 nights: - 20%
Various other promotional rates will also be on offer but, thanks to your Club account, you are always guaranteed to receive a discount on our flexible rates.